Copper & Kings Double Mistelle Finish

straight bourbon WHISKEY finished in copper & kings mistelle barrels, followed by new charred oak casks


10-year-old Indiana bourbon polished in muscat mistelle barrels for 18 months then rebarreled for an additional finish in fresh new American oak casks for an additional 19 months.

tasting notes

A bed of smoke and oak provide the foundation of this innovative, complex collaboration. Rich grape, dark chocolate, and tobacco round out a varied and intricate nose. The blend of traditional bourbon with sweet, lively brandy coats the palate and finishes with perfected balance.

91.9 PROOF / 750ML

not available for purchase




10 years

mash bill

Corn 75% / Rye 21% / Malted Barley 4%

91.9 PROOF / 750ML

not available for purchase

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