Fusion Series™ #9

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Our Fusion series concludes with an exquisite blend of nuanced Kentucky bourbons. Throughout the series, we’ve showcased the best of our estate-distilled bourbon with carefully curated aged whiskey. Enjoy this special sign off with our favorite creation to date.

tasting notes

Waves of butterscotch and ripe cherry meet mint, coconut, and black pepper. A luscious mouthfeel of red fruit and maple leads to an indulgent finish of caramel sweetness with lasting rye spice.

96.8 PROOF / 750ML / $64.99


Bardstown Bourbon Co.

Bardstown Bourbon Co.



4 years

4 years

12 years

mash bill

Corn 75% / Rye 21% / Malted Barley 4%

Corn 60% / Rye 26% / Wheat 10% / Malted Barley 4%

Corn 75% / Rye 13% / Malted Barley 12%

96.8 PROOF / 750ML / $64.99

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