Origin Series™ Bourbon

KENTUCKY straight bourbon WHISKEY


An exquisite high-rye bourbon with extraordinary flavor. Our Origin bourbon whiskey is a 36% high-rye mash bill which showcases the best of classic bourbon with a burst of rye spice. Perfect at a unique pour or the foundation for a premium craft cocktail.

tasting notes

A beautifully balanced blend of apricot, orange blossom, and mint rests on caramel, nutmeg, and rich oak. On the palate, waves of cinnamon and vanilla lead to a bold, signature lasting finish.

96 PROOF / 750ML / $44.99

Bardstown Bourbon - Origin Bourbon


Bardstown Bourbon Company


6 years

mash bill

Corn 60% / Rye 36% / Malted Barley 4%

96 PROOF / 750ML / $44.99

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